Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Welcome to Kimzeee's Sewing Room.

What goes on in your sewing room?

 This blog is about what happens in mine,

 I create &  design,
I make mistakes,
I make wonderful gifts,
I eat & drink,
I watch Tv & listen to music,
I laugh, cry & I get frustrated & surprised,
I photograph projects,
I search on the  internet, chat on phone & sms,
I hide stuff & loose stuff,
I escape into my world

 just to think of a few things.

My passion in sewing
 at the moment is patchwork, quilting, applique,
 anything i can do on a sewing machine, 
as well as 
 trying new sewing gadgets.
I love technology & using it to make my sewing life simpler.

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