Saturday, 3 September 2011

My Fabric Stash

I have always had some fabrics on hand over the years with my sewing, usually fabrics left over from projects that I had completed or fabrics I purchased or thought I would use.
But it wasn’t until I decided to give quilting & patchwork ago that I discovered you need a stash .
What a great reason to shop !!!!!!

This is my stash cupboard

Now I  fell in love with these panels,
I needed a place to hang them so my stash cupboard was the prefect place.
I hand quilted each one with a black running stitch, found some great quilt hangers on eBay & attached them to my cupboard.
I just love eBay, I find the most amazing stuff I can stash :-)

I just love the quotes on them
She who Buys the most fabric Wins!

Life is short buy more stuff

Need has nothing to do with it.....

Needlework Diva on duty

Do you have a special fabric stash spot?

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