Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Denim Jeans Bag

 I needed a bag with lots of pockets for work
 something that could carry all my stuff;
 A4 folders, A4 diary as well as lots of pens,  portable hard drive, keys, laptop, chargers etc.

An old pair of jeans I had cut the legs off to patch another pair of jeans.
It had lots of pockets some nice and deep.
 I stitched up the bottom of the jeans,
Stitched up the zipper section,
 Added handles,
  Made a lining with a divider in it
A couple of extra inside pockets,
Add some pretty buttons.
Fits my folders perfectly & is not to heavy to carry around
most of all
Lots of pockets so I can stay organiser with the stuff I carry around.

A Quick Easy Solution that looks pretty.