Monday, 26 September 2011

Which project ???

I love  holidays
its when I get a chance to play with all my sewing toys & beautiful fabrics in my stash cupboard..
So which project to play with ????
I have so many projects started…
 I am  so easily side-tracked with starting a new project.
 In love
 Is anyone else like this?

I am on 2 weeks holidays,
weather here is perfect for spending in my sewing room,
 currently foggy and 6 degrees C in the mountains .

So at the weekend I started looking at  my projects,
Do I finish quilting "Home of the Heart" quilt ?

quilt top 004

Do I finish my daughters wedding quilt, Windflowers ?
(she was married in July this year..oops)
I’m up to finishing the embroidery

Do I finish the backing quilt for "Purple ladies and their cats"…

the purple ladies
Its half stitched, all the ladies and cats & flower are finished.
quilting retreat  09 013

&quilting retreat  09 012quilting retreat  09 009quilting retreat  09 007quilting retreat  09 005quilting retreat  09 003quilting retreat  09 002quilting retreat  09 001

I  also have the wall art pictures
Love, Hope Faith,
to finish, they are all appliqued
I have started stitching them down,  but not finished.
I found a kit I had bought on-line from Shabby Fabrics about 5 years ago.
Vintage Valentine
I just love their site, I  have purchased a few kits from them.
This was the first quilting kit I had bought, and restarted my quilting journey.


I have had several attempts at starting this.
The main problem is that its hand applique
( I’m not a lover of hand stitching,
( “Purple ladies & their cats” was hand stitching that was enough hand stitching for me)

I have always been a machine sewer
but have tried several times to change my mind on hand stitching  to no avail.

I had hand sewn a few pieces on …
organised the folder with all the instructions,
 organised which fabric was going where….

My love of this project is still strong
I found myself  unpicking the hand sewing
decided that to finish this project,
  it needs to be
machine applique.
I turned the pattern pieces over,
 retraced shapes,
  re-pressed fabric,
iron on double sided fusible webbing to each piece
made the first block.Thumbs up
Today   I’ll blanket stitch it down!!!!
Stay tuned to see if I get side tracked again .Open-mouthed smile


  1. I love the 'love, hope faith' wall art pieces! Very nice!

  2. Thank You,I cant wait to see them on my wall finished :-).

  3. Hi Kim, you sound so much like me, always starting projects but no finishes, I am also not that keen on hand stitching and prefer machine stitching. To much inspiration and ideas in blogland. Your purple ladies are gorgeous, it's going to look fab when it's done. Cheers Mandy