Sunday, 11 September 2011

Heart of the Home Quilt Project

Weekend Project
Is  been a little cooler here in the mountains this weekend.
Perfect for sewing
So what to do
Stash cupboard here I come
Found a flannel jelly roll I had purchased a few years ago at a quilt fair, that will be perfect. Now what to do with it.
Go through some of my patterns & books
found a book by Suzanne McNeill
Heart & Home  Quilt of the month
heart of the home quilt 001 
Instructions look simple, have extra flannels in stash cupboard if I need them.
lets see what I can get done over the weekend.
Day and a half later
here is my project,  I pretty pleased with it.
quilt top 004
quilt top 003
quilt top 002
Now I will put that in the quilting pile for next school holidays