Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Sewing Machines

I have owned 7 different domestic sewing machines over the years with my passion of sewing.

My first sewing machine in my teens was a bright orange Husqvarna

then in my  20's I was introduced to the Pfaff range of sewing machines.
I was so impressed I had gone from dials to push buttons
Then  I went computerised with  this Pfaff.
 I created most of my fashion label on it over the 12 years I had her
along with a 3 thread Pfaff overlocker
that I hated with a passion when I had to rethread it.

 Then  two years ago my eyes wandered at a Sydney Craft Show
I  fell in love with.
My Quilt Expression 4
she has so many features I just love
and I'm looking forward to showing you what she is capable of doing.

Isn't she pretty!!!!

I also  have  a basic  brother embrodiery machine
I love how I can set this up, walk away and she still continues to sew for me

I have a Janome 744D My lock

 So as you can see that my sewing room is currently set up for any sewing challenge that comes along.
I always enjoy playing with them.


  1. Is your Brother a PE770? I got one about 3 months ago but its still in the box because i'm AFRAID to use it.

    I sure loved the 'memory lane' of sewing machines. They mean so much to us, I think its important to do this. More of us should.

  2. Hi Christy,
    My Brother is an Innovis 750D with Disney embroidery.
    I know I was a little apprehensive when I started with mine, collecting the right stabilisers, threads and hooping. But you just have to practice & know that it’s just another learning opportunity. It is so cool to watch them stitch away all by themselves.
    I do a sample of each design I want to do first & I have them saved in a folder(good & bad ones) with any notes about what I did so I can go back & refer to them later. But after you have done your first few it is very addictive & I was embroidering everything …hahaha
    I'm glad you liked my memory lane with my machines it was fun to look back at what I swapped each machine for.