Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back in My Sewing Room

Party smile
Its been a hard week getting walking again but worth it , so  I  have been concentrating on that  & I haven’t done much sewing this week. 
However,  I have moved all my stuff out of the lounge room and I’m back in my sewing room.
Now  waiting for me was a few alterations & some mending  to be done before I can play in there again.
  1. DS left his split trousers to be fixed -
  2. A pair of brand new undies worn once, DH pulled thread on & elastic came away, needed stitching back on -   
  3. Purchased online some new summer tops that need a few adjustments
    1. Purple stretch top with beautiful non stretch lace around hem…..cant sit down in it. Some designers just don’t think.
Solution: put splits in sides.
2011-11-15 10.42.43
2011-11-15 10.43.09    
2. Purchased & T-Shirt which was described as aqua in colour  but what arrived its more aqua mint…I don’t really wear green well.
Solution:  Purple purple buttons on it seen purple is a favourite colour. I really like this solution     Open-mouthed smile
2011-11-15 10.46.02
2011-11-15 10.45.55          
3.  Purchase a  dress which look terrible on me… way too big across shoulders. Solution:  pleats in the shoulder, cut of and make into a long length top, take in at side seams to give it more shape.
2011-11-15 10.20.48

2011-11-15 10.24.27


Mending & Alterations done!!!!!!!!!
now lets have some fun
Have fun sewing
sewing - Copy


  1. Lots of jobs completed I guess you are happy thats done. Now you can wear them all. Just in time for Christmas.