Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fabric stash

Day 12 of sitting with my foot up
I'm so over this now !!!!!!!

I've had some interesting days  just sitting.
I've cuddle my pussy cats; Misty & PC
I've cuddled the new puppy;  Sugar
I've started a few sewing projects
I've read lots online 
I've blogged

I've taken photos & videos 
I've watched a lot of TV & movies
I've done some shopping online

which brings me to what happened last night.

Australia doesn't do Halloween  like the USA
but retailers have been pushing it over the last few years to get us involved.
So let me set the scene
Me in my chair, foot up
DS & His GF & DH all in our lounge room
 its just on dusk
 there is a  knock on our front door, & another knock  & another knock
DH says I'm not getting it, DS says its trick or treaters
still another knock getting louder
then quiet as we all ignore the knocks
we hear a car door slam
 we start talking about how the kids are getting driven around by their parents to get treats
I ask can you please check I cant stuck in this chair
now this is where it gets funny
Its not the trick or treaters  but my local delivery man
Trying to give my a few parcels....ooops  my online shopping deliveries while my DH is here
DH says what have you been buying now......
DS opens door to delivery man & apologises
 saying we thought he was trick & treating
lucky he is a lovely man & just laughs....
 he is running really late, he has never delivered this late, only at Christmas
DS brings me the package the very large package....
Well looks like I got the treats
check out what he bought me

yep fabric for my stash
what a great treat

now I found a great website

and I got all this for $90  - 100 fat quarters all different
I am very pleased
they are prefect for all my applique work
now here is Australia  a fat quarters average from $3 to $7
so you can see why I 'm a happy girl.

now I have to get DS to stash it in my sewing room.
I think I will have to reorganise my stash
when I get back into my sewing room with this little arrival.

Have fun sewing

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