Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hexagon Challenges & Decisions

Day 5
Sitting with my foot up

I am feeling very  excited about this project.
As I rummaged through my stash of fabrics I  had forgot about just how many  fat quarters of fabric I had with sewing themes on them. 
Now that I have cut my hexagons and  I even fussy cut a few…. .the go cutter makes this process so easy….
ahhh I do love my Accuquilt GO

I need to decided about a design that will also suit my situation of sitting.

Design Brief…. make something fun to show my love of sewing using my sewing themed fabrics.

Limitations: Must be able to complete sitting  and with  hand stitching, with limited access to my gadgets & supplies in my sewing room. ( I do not want to risk sending DH into my girl cave to many times)

What can you do with a hexagon??????

After  doing some researching on the net…(yes laptop is close at hand), I found several designs.
  1. Tiled Hexagon arrangement – where hexagons are just stitched in rows  to create a pattern.
    • this design is very achievable with fabrics I have, I can just mix them up & sew, row after row. and would give a scrappy look.
  2. A Charm hexagon quilt – where every hexagon is a different fabric  stitched in rows.
    • this design I could achieve with the amount of different fabrics I have  however, I will only using one hexagon of fabric and I want to display more of each fabric in the quilt
  3. A grandmothers flower garden- where the hexagons are arranged into a flower shape then join together to create a second pattern. The flowers can be 2 rows big or 3 rows  or 4 rows  depending on final design.
    • this design shape is still my favourite but I think I will add a Kimzeee twist to it.
And the Winner is......
A  flower design  with  Kimzeee twist, it is to be.

Fabrics have been sorted into  light & dark backgrounds
Most of my hexagons I have cut at least 6 hexagons of each fabric and i can cut more  if needed.

so let the party & fun  begin

I need to mark my hexagons seam allowance….
Oh dear
I need some  more gadgets from my sewing room….
 Lucky son is home today I can send him to fetch…
 this could be fun
 as I  describe what he is looking for & where I left it last.
  1. 2 Marking pen – Pilot Frixion Pen, disappears with heat, a purple & a pink ( lucky they are my favourite colours)
  2. 1/4” clear plastic ruler – this is so handy
  3. sandpaper board-  this has fine sandpaper glued to a board that is perfect for marking as it grips the fabric
ok he found them … 
with a few yelling matches back & forward …
” try here or try here” ….
from me in the front of the house & him at the back of the house.

All gadgets found
marking hexagon seams
Marking all the 1/4" seam allowances in before I stitch
with my Frixion pen.

  now comes the fun bits 

arranging fabrics to create a flower shape
I am creating the  flowers by using  a light coloured center & dark petals or a dark center and light petals.
I lay them out on my board to decide arrangement

auditioning fabrics w
PC is keeping me company
running stitch seam w
join together the hexagons,
using a  small running stitch, 
from intersection of each corner to corner,
joining each piece to center piece until you have a completed flower
flower 1 w
Flower 1
hexagon flower 2 w
Flower 2
flower 3 w
Flower 3

Ok that's enough  fun for today

Have fun sewing
sewing - Copy

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  1. lovely flowers Kim, can't wait to see what others you make