Monday, 31 October 2011

New Addition to our Family

Day 11 of sitting with my foot elevated

I’ve got a little side-tracked over the past few days.
Foot is coming along well but I have only got a few flowers done

This is why I have been side-tracked
2011-10-26 16.56.51
She is our new addition to the family
My DS 22 brought home a new puppy
she is a long haired miniature Dachshund
the cutest thing you have ever seen
Born  1 August so she is 13 weeks old
Weighs  1.7 kilos and is 20 cm long
she is so tiny  and so cute & the sweetest nature
He called her Sugar
so I have been having lots of Sugar cuddles
watching him
run after her
trying to teach her
cleaning up after her
2011-10-30 11.19.29
Playing in the sun on the grass
2011-10-30 11.18.372011-10-30 11.18.24
2011-10-29 19.23.20
Playing with Dad
2011-10-29 19.25.12
I didn’t do it the cats did”..
2011-10-30 11.11.12

so you can see why I have been side-tracked

Have fun sewing

sewing - Copy


  1. Sugar is sooooooo cute!! How adorable. I would get sidetracked with her as well! I have a photo of our yorkies when they were puppies and discovered toilet paper. It's still the best toy in the world to them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How sweet is she!!! There is very little more fun than a puppy. My little girl is 9 yrs old but, because she is so small, everyone still thinks she is a puppy and she has the antics to prove it! I'm not sure if they ever get over playing with toilet paper...

  3. I wish I could get sidetracked like that. How adorable! Congratulations.

  4. The cutest, lucky thing