Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Vintage Valentine Centre Medallion

I am relatively new to quilting and patchwork but I have been sewing since I was 12
mainly clothing with the odd furnishing thrown in.
So when the opportunity became available for me to sew for fun,
my wonderful sister got me involved in quilting and patchwork.
 I have always admired her wonderful quilts over the walls and throughout her home
but never had the money or the time to indulge in a hobby.
 So over the past few years I slowly set up my  new sewing room
 with  new machines, equipment and of course started my stash cupboard.
I have taken a few courses with various local designers,
read lots,
practiced at lot,
 decided what I like
 don't like.
But when I started on this wonderful journey I really wasn't sure what I wanted to sew,
 I bought a lot of pre-package kits.
Each kit teaching me something new about this amazing craft,
 introducing me to a new designers
often new shop owners.
I have mistakenly assumed that these kits include what is on  the pattern cover,
 includes the fabrics displayed on its cover …
No No silly me to think the fabric would be the same.

Then the challenge begins for the beginner in this craft..

You have the pattern,
often supplied with a beautiful colour picture of what it will look like when finished 
then you have  the fabric that was supplied in the kit !!!!!!!!

When you first look at your kit  you are all excited
 the fabrics look great
 then you start on the learning journey
 of what fabric goes where..
what was the person thinking when they put this kit together….
 what was this fabric swapped for???

It really is a mystery tour…

sometimes fun
 sometimes so frustrating you give up,
  put it away
start another project.

This is what has happened as I work my way through the Vintage Valentine kit.
Some fabrics are the same
very similar
some fabrics I have no idea what they were supplied for….
so into my stash I go..
finding others that will go with what I  already have.

Having sorted  4 blocks in this quilt
 I decided I should do the centre block
before I  go too far
so I can get  the look I’m after with the main fabrics.

This is the photo I  have of the centre medallion sent with the kit

File name            	:DSCN1931.JPG<br />File size            	:1.0MB(1072053Bytes)<br />Shoot date           	:2005/11/01 16:58:40<br />Picture size         	:2048 x 1536<br />Resolution           	:72 x 72 dpi<br />Number of bits       	:8bit/channel<br />Protection attribute 	:Off<br />Hide Attribute       	:Off<br />Camera ID            	:N/A<br />Model name           	:E995<br />Quality mode         	:FINE<br />Metering mode        	:Multi-pattern<br />Exposure mode        	:Programmed auto<br />Flash                	:No<br />Focal length         	:8.2 mm<br />Shutter speed        	:1/36.1second<br />Aperture             	:F2.6<br />Exposure compensation	:0 EV<br />Fixed white balance  	:Auto<br />Lens                 	:Built-in<br />Flash sync mode      	:Front curtain<br />Exposure difference  	:N/A<br />Flexible program     	:N/A<br />Sensitivity          	:Auto<br />Sharpening           	:Auto<br />Curve mode           	:N/A<br />Color mode           	:COLOR<br />Tone compensation    	:AUTO<br />Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A<br />Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A<br />Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

 off I go trying to match this with fabrics supplied…..
cant find vase fabric…..
flowers fabric nope….
bird fabric nope…mmm

let the designer within come-out
create with what I  have

vintage valentine  centre

Now, this is what I created,
 I have looked at this on my wall for 24 hours
 but it just didn't look right to me ..
so lucky I  had only fused the pieces down.

the vase is wrong…..

this is what I have changed it to 

Vintage valentine centre 2

so today it can stay on my wall,
  as I play with the other blocks.
The colours with the fabrics that I have been sent are a lot dark than the original kit
  but I am still loving the look.
This quilt is to go on my bedroom wall which is a dark burgundy in colour.
As I get a few more blocks done
I will audition them on my wall
 as I will have to change the layout as well as
 I have more width  than depth in the space I want to show it on,
  not a square space….
I will have to get creative  when piecing them together.

Do you use pre-package kits?

Are your kit fabrics different  to pictures supplied?

I would love to know your opinion of pre-package kits

Have fun sewing

sewing - Copy


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  1. Kim, I have been quilting for around ten years now and i do understand your frustrations. Just last week I was sewing a sample quilt for a store and the fabrics they gave me were nothing like the pattern. I actually love picking out my own fabrics for a quilt so I don't buy kits very often unless I really love the quilt they're for.