Monday, 24 October 2011

Hexagon Sewing Theme Quilt Project

4 days ago I had a foot operation,  3 days on pain pills & sitting  with foot elevated has lead  me to a new project, so I don't go completely nutty over the next 2 weeks, with  sitting & healing,  I needed a new project !!!!!!!
Now what can I do ?
I  have nothing prepared for hand stitching, every project I have is machine stitching.
I have my Accuquilt Go cutter… now can I use this sitting in a chair with my foot elevated….????
I think I can if I just get DH to bring out my portable sewing table I got when I was 12.
This is very Dangerous sending DH into my girl cave, he might see all the stuff I really have…Smile
Now what Accuquilt cutting die do I want…..??? thinking-smiley
What fabric do I want to use????? thinking-smiley

I have been collecting fabric with a sewing theme for the past 6 years & I would love to do something with them.
I have to send DH into my stash cupboard to get my container of sewing theme fabrics…

Do I dare send him to my stash cupboard…..
There is no other way  to get it…. 
He returns with my very full container of fabrics….Open-mouthed smile with a smile…..pheeeeeeeeew
sewing themed fabric stash w

ok  Go cutter organised, fabric selected…
Now what pattern can I do or want to do….thinking-smiley

When I first started quilting and patchwork in my 20’s I made hundreds of 2” hexagons, cutting each shape individually, cutting all the paper templates & then stitching them into flower shapes   but  somewhere along the line when we moved houses they were thrown out as rubbish..grrrrrrrr and I haven't made one since.

But I did buy the hexagon die when I purchased my Accuquilt go cutter.
Looking at my stash of themed sewing fabrics  I think the  largest hexagon in the Accuquilt dies  would be perfect  for my project as it would show off the different fabrics designs.

accuquilt hexagon die marked

I have used a black sharpie to outline die

Accuquilt Hexagon die

Ok now can I cut these out sitting with my foot elevated..???

First I need to make strips wide enough to go over the 5”hexagon shape

Now normally I would cut  the strips using a rotary cutter & mat but that isn't possible in this position so I roughly measure  the fabric across shape and did the old fashion rip along the grain line.
While this is using  more fabric  this is all about achieving the end results and I have stacks of fabric Open-mouthed smile

strips made to cover die

now this strip, allows me to fold it over 3 times, but I can cut up to 6 layers at once Thumbs up

strip layered on die w

I then placed my well used protective mat over fabric & position the die to go threw the cutter.

hexagons in cutter w

Winding the handle until it is all threw the Go cutter..easy sitting in the chair

hexagons cut 1

Removing the cutting matt of fabric  you can see the hexagon shape cut out.

3 hexagons cut w

Removing the outside excess fabric and stash in plastic bag for other projects…
I have 3 perfect hexagons, cut in 10 seconds that  it took me to roll it threw the machine
and best of all, my  foot is elevated  & healing. 

hexagons cut w

Now too roll, cut, roll, cut, the day away

5 inch hexagons web
I have sorted the hexagons  into  lights (creams, beiges and white) backgrounds
  and dark backgrounds.

hexagons sorted lights and darks w

that's enough for one day
am feeling a little tired

but excited about this project.

stay tuned to see what I create with these hexagons over the next two weeks

have fun sewing

sewing - Copy



  1. Hello Kim, Will be a good job getting all the hexagons cut. Cant wait to see what you come up with. Don't over do it so soon after surgery.

  2. Thanks Jen, am taking it easy just a little bit of fun sewing each day.